The Viper, or Francis Higgins is a mischievous figure, who seems to hate Eddie Durkin for unknown reasons. He first appears in the first episode of the show, where he is referred to as a "fucking idiot" and "prick" by Eddie.

He goes on to accost the documentary crew, calling them "TV Clims" and complementing Eddie's car, whilst also claiming Eddie to be Chuck Norris.

Throughout the first season, Viper and his two Henchmen harass Eddie, with Viper buying his repossessed car, which Eddie held quite fondly. Throughout the season, it is also mentioned that Viper's parents are wealthy as he is said to be spending "Daddy's money".

In episode 3, Viper is given the job of a TV presenter for the crew filming the King of the Town competition, and he uses his position there to get Lexis, Eddie's team champion, inebriated, causing him to run off into the run, and dashing their hopes of success.

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